Moka Style Bio

Moka Style becomes organic

The proposal of La Genovese Caffè is becoming more and more sustainable. The prestigious Moka Style coffee collection get rich with three new products, all certified Bio and UTZ, and a single origin organic decaffeinated coffee.

cialde La Genovese qualità Coloniale 100% eco

Pods: a 100% ecological choice

We close the year with a very important change: our pods are now 100% eco-friendly thanks to the totally recyclable packaging.

miscela Anniversario La Genovese Gold Medal 2020

Gold Medal for the blend “Anniversario”

In the 12th edition of the International Coffee Tasting, our Blend “Anniversario” was awarded the Gold Medal in the Blends for Italian Espresso category for the fourth time in eight years. A new award for constant quality.


Espresso Italiano Champion 2017: Fabrizio Giorgini goes to international finals

Espresso Italiano Champion 2017: Italian finals ended, Fabrizio Giorgini is among the eight winners for the international semifinals of the Inei barista championship

Spring 2017: Training courses for baristas at La Genovese

La Genovese organises training courses SCA and IIAC for baristas

La Genovese at Cologne Coffee Forum / ISM 2017

Cologne Cologne Coffee Forum will be held in from January 29 to February 1, 2017, as part of ISM 2017, the new Italian espresso home in Germany.

Borea Specialty Coffees

Specialty Coffees, a new generation of products that are enhancing bartenders and consumers around the world.

Borea Specialty Coffee

Fine selection of coffees from micro plantations. The supply chain is monitored and cured in every single step thanks to a direct relationship with the producers.  

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