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With the innovative line Borea Specialty Coffees, that as early as the packaging differs from what has been achieved so far by La Genovese, the company joined the world of specialties. It is a new generation of products that are enhancing bartenders and consumers around the world thanks to Brew Bar, the new extraction method that has met with great success, particularly in Northern Europe, requireing a roasting much clearer than Espresso, to enhance especially acidity and floral notes that are typical of theese coffees

Specialty Coffees, chosen by smallholders, are packaged only in beans and roasted within a month. Coffees are personally selected in micro plantations by a team of experts, who establish a direct relationship with the producers, the chain is monitored and treated in each step.
Coffees are roasted with a STA Roaster 1000, a micro roaster which produce 1000 g each time. Two roasting methods are avaiables: one for Espresso, and one lighter fro Brew Bar

First coffees selected are: Brasil Ipanema Fazenda Rio Verde, El Salvador Finca La Fany, Colombia San Marcos Timanà, Kenya Nyeri AA, Mexico Las Delicias


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