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On 5 September we reopen the historic shop in via Vittorio Veneto in Albenga with a new format dedicated to the world of quality coffee, innovations and its entire supply chain.


On 5 September, the historic shop in Via Vittorio Veneto reopens with a new format dedicated to the world of quality coffee, innovations and its entire supply chain. CoffeeStorming is the first coffee shop in La Genovese, a modern and relaxing space, equipped with a large dehors, where you can enjoy the selection of the best coffees served in the cup with different extraction methods. In the coffee-shop, which has been completely renovated, there is also a corner where you can buy all the coffees of La Genovese, including compostable pods and capsules and a roaster perfectly integrated into the café, which will give customers a new coffee experience.


CoffeeStorming is an ambitious project, which combines environmental sustainability, respect for work, coffee culture and customer hospitality.

The aim is to make known the contribution of all the actors involved, from the harvesting processes to the role of roasting and the enhancement of the professionalism of the barista. A place of inclusion, sharing and experience, created to bring curious people closer to the world of coffee, to propose and make known the different single origins from the main production countries, to teach them to recognize and appreciate them for their different aroma and flavor.

All the staff have been trained to relate to the customer by telling the story and characteristics of the different coffees served, the aromas, the production methods, and the different extraction methods, using an inclusive, simple and clear language.

“We don’t want to speak only to a small circle of professionals and coffee enthusiasts – says Alessandro Borea, CEO of La Genovese – but to all the curious people who want to approach this rich and varied world. Our goal is to communicate the culture of coffee and all the work, ours and above all that carried out on the plantation and post-harvest processing. In the cafeteria we also want to offer tasting and cupping courses for the most curious customers. Because in reality coffee, like wine or spirits, has a multitude of sensory characteristics, which must be discovered and which must be learned to recognize.”


A rostery in the cafeteria

The large and welcoming spaces make CoffeeStorming a place where you can stop for a long time and enjoy your time, socialize, savor the taste of slowness against the stresses of speed.

As in a roaster, at CoffeeStorming it will be possible to enjoy the experience of roasting coffee. From the modern Giensen roaster, all La Genovese Specialty Coffees will come out, offering the customer an even more in-depth knowledge, which starts directly from green coffee and reaches the packaged product or served at the counter.


Sustainability objective

“Already with the choice of the name, CoffeeStorming – coffee ideas in motion, we tried to give a precise identity to this project, with which we want to combine innovation, knowledge, sharing and sustainability – says Matteo Borea. We believe that today we can think of the future only through the sharing of ideas and means, and that the development of the market cannot ignore the realization of projects that have their core in environmental and social sustainability.”

Radical and new choices have been made in CoffeeStorming. Disposable plastic has been eliminated in all its uses: all the crockery will be in ceramic and the take-away glasses in 100% compostable material.

Bottled water has been banned and BWT purified water will be served free of charge both at the table and at the counter. In the room there is a dual-way free-water station, room temperature and cold, where people can always use themselves freely and, if they want, fill their water bottles. Only reverse osmosis filtered water will be used to power the coffee machines.


CoffeeStorming – Idee di caffè in movimento, is located in Albenga, in via Vittorio Veneto 18 and is open from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 19:00 and on Saturdays from 8:30 to 19:00.

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