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La Genovese_1936 Giuseppe e Antonietta Borea

1936. La Genovese is Born

Dario Valle started La Genovese roasting business in a warehouse in Albenga, in Via Mazzini, which will remain the company's headquarters for 30 years. The name comes from the strong link with the territory.

After the war the son-in-law Giuseppe Borea will restart the activity and from the small shop the first deliveries begin... by bicycle!

The Years 50.

The first La Genovese logo was designed by Giuseppe Borea in person. From his creativity are born also the designs of the first coffee packs and the subsequent modifications of the logo type.

At the time, the roasting machine was a 30 kg F.I.M.T of Bava and Gamba from Torino and the coffee was packed in bags of aluminized paper and in tin cans.



La Genovese - The Years 50

La Genovese - the second generation

The Second Generation

In 1961 a new 60 kg roasting machine arrived and four years later, Dario and Piero, sons of Giuseppe, started working in the company.

The location of Via Mazzini is no longer sufficient and in 1968 La Genovese moved to the warehouses in Via Vittorio Veneto, where it remained until 2003.


In 1994 we started to export our coffee, in particular we start to distribute it in Romania.

Our first participation at the Salon Saveurs in Paris was in the year 2000, and currently our coffee is present in almost all European countries.



La Genovese - export

La Genovese The Third Generation

The Third Generation

Over 50% of La Genovese coffee is sold abroad. This important international development is also due to the entry into the company of the third generation.

In 2003 we moved again: 130 square meters of offices, 510 square meters of warehouse for production and another 500 square meters of storage for equipment and packaging. A new roasting machine and in 2005 the "Caffè & Dintorni" shop in the historic headquarter of Via Vittorio Veneto in Albenga.

Finally, in 2016 we publish the book "A coffee with Dario Borea", where we tell the first 80 years of our history.




We have always believed in training and tried to do our best in production. The ISO 9001 and the INEI certifications of our blends were the flywheel for important international awards such as the numerous Gold medals awarded to us by the International Coffee Tasting.
At the same time we want to be attentive to the environment and respectful of human dignity and naturally we have introduced organic coffee and Rainforest certificates.



La Genovese certification

2022. CoffeeStorming

CoffeeStorming is an ambitious project, born in 2022 in the historic shop of Vittorio Veneto's street in Albenga which combines environmental sustainability, respect for work, coffee culture and customer hospitality.

It is a new format dedicated to the world of quality coffee, innovations and its entire supply chain. The aim is to make known the contribution of all the actors involved, from the harvesting processes to the role of roasting and the enhancement of the professionalism of the barista. A place of inclusion, sharing and experience, created to bring curious people closer to the world of coffee, to propose and make known the different single origins from the main production countries, to teach them to recognize and appreciate them for their different aroma and flavor.

A rostery in the cafeteria

As in a roaster, at CoffeeStorming it will be possible to enjoy the experience of roasting coffee. From the modern Giensen roaster, all La Genovese Specialty Coffees will come out, offering the customer an even more in-depth knowledge, which starts directly from green coffee and reaches the packaged product or served at the counter.


Social and environmental responsibility are values ​​in which La Genovese identifies itself. These values are among the fundamental resources of the Company which outline its strong and affirmed cultural identity. La Genovese directs its strategies towards a sustainable, transparent business model, capable of integrating economic objectives with social and environmental ones.

This is the reason behind our decision to publish the Sustainability Report annually and draft our Code of Ethics.


La Genovese sustainability