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aria pulita - La genoveseThe roasting machine is a 120 kg Futura from STA Impianti, with a "clean" hot air heat generator, which allows the coffee to be heated by means of conduction and convention processes that bring enormous advantages:

  • Excellent color uniformity of roasted coffee;
  • Total absence of polluting substances in contact with coffee.
  • Enhancement of the organoleptic characteristics of coffee.
  • Improvement of the taste and aroma of coffee.

We are proud to state that the coffee we serve you is ecologically toasted with clean warm air.

tostatura ad aria calda pulita. - La Genovese

A green coffee processing plant allows an improvement of the efficiency levels and a better planning of the processes, from roasting to mixing.

After roasting, the coffee is stored in a silos plant of 12 compartments, and then sent to the packaging lines for coffee beans, ground coffee or pods.