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Production processe

The production process of our coffee begins with the choice of high-quality raw materials. We select the finest coffees from Brazil, Colombia, Honduras, Ethiopia, India, and we do it also thanks to extremely reliable importers with whom we have managed over the years to establish a loyal relationship of trust and collaboration.


The green coffee

La Genovese productive process - Alessandro Borea

Each selected batch of coffee is tested through a dedicated tasting which allows us to evaluate, from time to time, its quality and organoleptic characteristics. Our tasting panel is made up of trained internal tasters and the evaluation tasting of each single batch of coffee is carried out both with cupping techniques and through espresso extraction.


The roaster

The roasting process takes place using a Futura K120, a roasting machine produced by STA Impianti, to which a modern "Green" burner was installed in 2022 which allows significant savings in gas and electricity.

The roaster is also managed thanks to the latest generation software that allows us to create dedicated and constantly monitored roasting curves for each blend produced. Once the roasting process has started, the coffee is unloaded from the various green coffee silos according to the blends preset in the software and processed according to the time and temperature parameters predefined by us.


Air cooling

Even the cooling of roasted coffee is achieved using a method of excellence: it is carried out strictly with air, allowing us to produce beans with a low humidity content and consequently with a higher final yield and with an increase in the life cycle of the product.


La Genovese productive process - cupping

The storage

The packaging lines are fully automated and specific packaging with one-way valves, which allow excess carbon dioxide to be controlled and released while at the same time preventing external oxygen from entering and starting an oxidation process, allowing us to guarantee a perfect conservation of the product and its peculiarities.

The storage area for the finished product is equipped with large openings in the ceiling, to guarantee the right ventilation in a natural way. Large windows, which allow you to enjoy natural lighting, allow us to reduce energy consumption.

Each batch of coffee produced is digitally managed and identified. For this reason, we are always able to identify the products and reconstruct the entire production cycle for each lot, from raw materials to final distribution, identifying the salient data and any critical issues.


Environmental impact

All the electricity we consume comes from 100% renewable sources and we use 100% CO2 free green gas. For our packs, pods and capsules, we choose compostable or recyclable materials, and we enrich our selection of coffees from those from sustainable and organic agriculture.

La Genovese productive process - the roaster