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Quality, sustainable and organic agriculture: certifications are fundamental and attest to our seriousness. For us, quality is a concrete concept.


UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Certification

Since 2004, the certified Quality System has been set up for the complete monitoring of all the Company's activities, from the purchase of raw materials to the processing of raw coffee, from Marketing to the commercial.

Certificate DNV


Organic Product Certification

The company obtained certification for organic coffee production in 2013.

Certificate CCPB

Rainforest Certification

We have embraced the Rainforest Alliance's mission: to create a world where sustainable agriculture is the norm. Sustainable agriculture helps farmers, workers and their families meet their ambitions, and helps save the world's resources now and in the future. The certification for the production of coffee was obtained in 2017 for the UTZ brand which then joined the Rainforest Alliance.

Certificate Rainforest


Certification of Espresso Italiano

In 2008 the three main blends of the Company (Gran Miscela Anniversario, Royal and Oro) obtained the important product certification for Espresso Italiano.

Certificate INEI


HACCP self-monitoring manual for food hygiene

With the implementation of this plan, La Genovese has identified all the points of production critical for product safety and has established procedures to immediately identify and remove the presence of elements of risk. The HACCP plan has been integrated into the Quality System and is therefore subject to periodic monitoring to verify its effectiveness and adequacy.


Total traceability of the product according to Regulation 178 of the European Community

With this activity, obtained through the implementation of a code management system and product identification along the production cycle, we can reconstruct the entire cycle from the raw material to the final distribution for each batch / product, identifying any critical issues and / or salient data.