Gold Medal to the Juta Bio Blend

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Also this year, for the third time overall and the second consecutive year, our Juta Bio Blend was awarded the Gold Medal awarded by the International Coffee Tasting 2022.


When we decided to open our first Flagship Store, CoffeeStorming, in Albenga, the choice of which blend for the Italian Espresso could best represent us fell on the Juta Blend, 100% Arabica certified organic and with Rainforest Alliance certification.

And today we are happy to see our Juta Bio Blend once again win the Gold Medal, the prestigious award given by the International Coffee Tasting 2022, probably the most important international coffee competition. It is not a small goal, especially if we think that the Organic Jute Blend was born only in 2018.

The International Coffee Tasting is the only competition that calculates the score only on measurable and controllable characteristics of the coffee, with an objective vision linked to sensory analysis. This year the Organic Jute Blend reached an excellent score of 90 out of 100.

Composed exclusively of coffees from organic farming and Rainforest Alliance certified, it represents our commitment to improve and research excellent products from all points of view: quality, taste, sustainability and technology.

The Juta Blend for us is an example of how offering a sustainable product for the land and workers can be rewarding. And it probably embodies the best way to communicate our brand, our style and our corporate values.


Sensory profile of the Juta Bio Blend