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International Coffee Day is celebrated on October 1st from 2015, the year of the Milan Expo dedicated to food and sustainability

The most popular drink in the world had a dedicated day before, but each country did it on a different date. However, the real change brought by the Milan expo is that the International Coffee Day was linked to the concepts of sustainability and protection, both environmental both to the people involved in the production chain.

For 2018 the International Coffee Organization has chosen to dedicate the day to women engaged in the production of coffee. “Women in Coffee”, this is the name chosen for 2018, but does not limit itself to being a simple tribute to women, but a moment to remind us the fundamental role that women play throughout the coffee chain.

Have we ever stopped to reflect on how many women it took to be able to drink our cup? According to the International Trade Center, women cover 70% of the work dedicated to coffee: from sowing to cultivation, from harvesting to washing, women often play a fundamental role in all processes that allows us to enjoy every morning our coffee. Yet only 10% of these women have access to the market and get recognition for their work.

“Women in Coffee” wants to emphasize the need for equity and equality in the coffee sector, conditions often lacking, trying to empower women in the interest of the entire coffee sector. International Coffee Day 2018 naturally involves the IWCA, a global network of women working in the coffee industry, working to make women independent by empowering them with knowledge and financial support that will help them change their role in coffee-growing communities.

We have chosen to include two coffees produced by female cooperatives for a long time: the Specialty Burundi, IWCA certificate and the Specialty Rwanda worked in the Sake washing station, managed exclusively by women.

For the Icd2018 a photographic contest was organized dedicated to the theme of the day. 10 shots were chosen. For the three most voted photos, there are prizes of 500, 250 and 150 pounds respectively. We have chosen the one put on our cover. To participate in the vote follow the link!