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With the start of the new courses in 2020, the Academy of La Genovese changes its face.

It is not just about the radical restructuring of the classroom, which is wider and with the inclusion of all the most modern technologies to improve the learning of secrets about the world of coffee. The big, real revolution is precisely in the philosophy that the Academy wants to bring to the world of coffee. No longer a school linked to a roasting company, but a place where you can share experience and exchange knowledge, a real meeting place dedicated to professionals and coffee lovers.

Therefore, the G Coffee Academy does not have the sole objective of promoting and passing on the culture of good coffee, by addressing those who want to taste it properly by appreciating every nuance, or those who already own, or want to start, an activity in which coffee plays a fundamental role: bartenders, restaurateurs and hoteliers.

The Academy also aspires to become a place for sharing, researching and developing new coffees and extraction methods, where to exchange knowledge on roasting curves, composition of blends, innovation of packaging, and choice of raw materials.

The ambition is to be able to overcome the “secrets” that every professional brings and jealously guards to reach sharing and exchange. In other words, a new concept of Academy, where for all the participants, beyond the role or their own competence, it is a moment in which to learn something new.

It is no coincidence that “Stop learning never” is the motto of Matteo Borea, coordinator of the activities of La G Academy and Authorized SCA Trainers – Specialty Coffee Association.

From the bean to the roasting process, passing through the various extractions: moca, brewing, espresso. The Academy is ready to welcome students from professional schools, coffee lovers and professionals from the world of coffee, offering professional courses, in the SCA and IIAC areas, theoretical workshops, in a cutting-edge multimedia classroom, and training in the single workstations.

To know the next events visit the page of La G Academy.