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With the entry in 2017 of “coffee world” in the official name of the fair, this prestigious exhibition has become an event not to be missed by La Genovese.

The first time for La Genovese at Sigep will be an opportunity to discover its award-winning blends from the International Coffee Tasting and all Specialty Coffees selected for bars and coffee lovers. An emotional tasting corner with the Brew Bar & Espresso Bar format focusing on research and quality, because this is the mission that since 80 years has distinguished one of the most passionate family roasting in Liguria.

Surely ours is a passion” says Alessandro Borea, CEO of the company “we do not limit ourselves to selecting coffee from all over the world, but we study and travel to visit other countries with a different culture for coffee. This expertise has allowed us to impose ourselves on the foreign market too, which now represent 50% of our turnover.

That’s why we’ll participate at Sigep as well as with our three certified blends also with the Specialty line. What we are trying to do today is to explain to our customers that combining the classic Espresso with new methods of coffee extraction can help to capture new customers. And not only here in Liguria, where with tourists everything becomes simpler, but also for traditional customers who, if they are well accompanied to the coffee tasting, can discover a different world and appreciate it“.

What the company looks at with increasing interest is an area of young, dynamic consumers willing to experiment. This obviously does not mean giving up to the classic Espresso. On the contrary, the passion for coffee, the search for precious origins, the selection of the best beans and the passion for roasting, has led to the development of a refined range of coffees, under the Borea Specialty Coffee brand, selected by micro plantations to offer to coffee lovers and baristas.

Brewing, a term that has become synonymous with coffee in the Anglo-Saxon world, collects different techniques of extraction. The growing success of this type of infusion allows us to make the customer feel more relaxed and attentive, the taste and the aromas, sometimes extraordinary coffee. For bars this becomes an opportunity to capture and retain a new target of consumers, young, curious and demanding, who very often has already known the various brewing during journeys abroad. All with additional but low costs for the necessary equipment.


The appointment is for Sigep 20-24 January 201839th International Exhibition dedicated to Artisan Gelato, Confectionery, Pastry and Bakery production and the Coffee sector, at La Genovese stand (PAD D3 Stand 054)