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SCAE ITALIA at VINITALY 2016 – April from 10 to 13 Booth C area “A TASTE OF COFFEE” A 52

La Genovese will be sponsor of the event and our belnd ANNIVERSARIO will be tasted with espresso metodh avery day of the event

The formula “A TASTE OF COFFEE” provides coffee tastings with espresso and alternative methods, in three days when roasters and micro-roaster will have the opportunity to serve their blends and specialty coffes to an audience of thoughtfully palate.

Demonstrations of alternative methods, comparative tastings, taste pane:, there are many activities that will be developed in the stand SCAE Italia.
There will be numerous open workshops during the three-day event, with the opportunity to disseminate the culture of coffee. Some themes: tasting techniques, the role of the water element, roasting and play with the senses to understand the perception of flavours.