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Coffee is a rich and wonderful world. Our courses are dedicated to baristas and coffee lovers: to keep up to date, improve the experience of offering or enjoy a coffee, refine your senses. La G Coffee Academy is located in Albenga, Regione Bottino 1 / M, for contacts and information fill out the form below; write to or call +39018250452

Basic Coffee Course

The course is designed for professionals who wish to assimilate the skills needed to set up the coffee grinder, prepare the espresso and whip the milk correctly to give the right consistency to the cappuccino cream.

This module allows in-depth knowledge of the raw material and the acquisition of initial skills in the “Latte Art” as well as providing basic notions on cleaning and maintenance of equipment and customer service.

Duration: 1 day - 8 hours

Cost: 180 euros + VAT


Latte Art Course: decoration techniques of cappuccino

Demonstration and teaching of the rules and technique with which to start decorating the Cappuccino. Tests of Latte Art with realization of the first basic figures (heart-apple-leaf).

Duration: 1 day - 8 hours

Cost: 200 euros + VAT (excluding grading certifications)

Alternative Methods (Brewing) Course

The course leads to the discovery of the different coffee extraction techniques beyond the espresso.

It is dedicated to those who want to learn how to prepare blends and single origins extracted with different instruments using the brewing method (V60, Chemex, Areopress and many others).

Duration: 1 day - 8 hours

Cost: 180 euros + VAT

Green and Roasting courses

A complete view of the green coffee production process, combined with knowledge of the different aspects of roasted coffee, both from a theoretical and a practical point of view.

Duration: 1 day - 8 hours

Cost: 200 euros + VAT

laGenovese Academy - corso gestione economica

Bar Management Course

A theoretical course aimed at all bar operators, beginners or experts, who want to acquire entrepreneurial knowledge and skills with which to manage their bar, maximizing revenue and reducing business risk.


  • The economic management of the bar
  • Analysis and control of management costs
  • Purchase price and sale price
  • Purchasing management
  • Sales tools and techniques
  • Bar marketing
  • Human resources management

Duration: 6 hours

Cost: 150 euros + VAT

“Bar is Social” Course

The course helps to define communication strategies through the use of social media and teaches, through a theoretical and practical part, how to communicate and promote one's business.


  • overview of social media
  • which channels to use and how to manage them
  • the content is king: the importance of content (texts and images)
  • to be social: or create interactions
  • best practices

Duration: 6 hours

Cost: 150 euros + VAT

la Genovese Academy - Corso social bar

Personalized courses

Courses created ad hoc for every need, even organized at the client's premises.

For information on costs and forms fill out the form below, or write to or call +39018250452

IIAC courses

Mod. 1: Italian Espresso Tasting

The Tasting course allows you to become a coffee taster to discover how one of the most popular beverages in the world is evaluated.

The course is structured in a theoretical part and a practical part of tasting and concludes with an exam for those who wish to become tasters and obtain the license.

The course for the coffee taster's license is the first of two modules that allow you to obtain the title of qualified operator to serve the Certified Italian Espresso.

Duration: 1 day - 8 hours

Cost: 250 euros + VAT

Mod. 2: Espresso Italiano Specialist

Getting the best results from the espresso is not a simple thing: on the one hand, its preparation requires in-depth knowledge of the quality of the mixtures, of the grinding techniques and of the extraction techniques in the machine, on the other there are economic constraints that play a fundamental role on the economic margins that the cup can give.

The Italian Espresso Specialist course has been developed to teach how to achieve global quality, for the maximum satisfaction of the consumer, the exhibiting public and its suppliers.

The qualification obtained in the Italian Espresso Specialist course is valid to qualify the operator in the field of Certified Italian Espresso.

Only persons who have already attended the Mod. 1 Espresso Italiano Tasting may be admitted to the course

Duration: 1 day - 8 hours

Cost: 250 euros + VAT

Mod. 3: Senses, Brain and Sensory Analysis

The aim of the course is to start sensory analysis and its fields of use, not limited to coffee but to any product or service whose use passes through the sense organs. Strongly interactive for the many exercises that alternate with theoretical lessons, the course aims to allow participants to develop the necessary knowledge about the potential of their sense organs and the mechanisms that lead to the interpretation of a stimulus and to the measurement of a perception.

To participate it is necessary to have participated in the mod. 1

Duration: 1 day - 8 hours

Cost: 250 euros + VAT


Matteo Borea

SCA Authorised Trainer - Espresso Italiano Trainer for the IIAC

Barista Skills Professional Level, SCA Diploma System

Brewing Intermediate Level, SCA Diploma System

Orange Grading, Latte Art Grading System

Coffee taster & Espresso Italiano Trainer for the IIAC

Owner of the Bar Exatelier of Albenga

Export Manager of La Genovese

Fabrizio Giorgini

World Semifinalist at Espresso Italiano Champion 2017

Owner of the Bar Ancora di Loano

Barista Skills Professional Level, SCA Diploma System

Brewing Foundation Level, SCA Diploma System

White Grading, Latte Art Grading System

Coffee Taster & Italian Espresso Specialist for IIAC

Alessandro Borea

SCA Diploma System Green Coffee / Roasting Professional Levels

Master in Sensory Analysis and Coffee Science of the IIAC

Green Coffee & Roasting Professional Levels, SCA Diploma System

Sensory Skills & Brewing Intermediate Levels, SCA Diploma System

Coffee taster & Espresso Italiano Trainer for the IIAC

Member of the Italian Coffee Arbitration Chamber

Owner and manager of La Genovese

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