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With a convinced choice of passion and research towards sustainability, La Genovese has decided to enrich the Moka segment with products from sustainable agriculture, respecting people and the planet.

Moka Style Bio

Being able to expand our offer with UTZ products has become our ambition. Says Alessandro Borea CEO of La Genovese. In addition to safeguarding the environment, UTZ offers better opportunities for farmers and their families. It allows farmers to learn better farming methods, improve working conditions and take care of their children and the environment.

Three UTZ certified coffees enrich the range Moka Style: two single-origin coffees from Honduras, Peru and the Juta blend. The fourth coffee is a decaffeinated single origin from Mexico certified organic.

Honduras Shg – Finca Santa Teresa Bio UTZ is a fine coffee, grown at an altitude of about 1,350 meters. The altitude and low temperatures make the fruits ripen more slowly and this leads to a coffee with a greater complexity of aromas in the cup. On the palate, it offers a fruity aroma and a caramelized taste, a medium acidity and a full and liqueur body with a final note of sweetness.

Peru Sant’Ignazio Premium Bio UTZ grown at an altitude ranging from 1,500 to 2,200 meters above sea level, on a volcanic soil rich in precious natural elements. A coffee with a creamy body, with sweet and floral notes. In the cup, it develops strong notes of ripe fruit and chocolate. This single origin obtained a score of 85 SCA points

Altura Mexico Bio Decaffeinated Coffee is a single organic origin with particular characteristics of body, flavor and aroma, perfect for extracting in the cup in all equivalent to a traditional coffee, with a caffeine content not exceeding 0.10%. Coming from the Santa Madre Region in Chiapas, Mexico, it grows at an altitude of 1,200 meters in the Finca di Santa Fè. The classification is Premium Screen 16/18. The manufacturing process is washed and only water is used for decaffeination. The result is a very sweet cup, with notes of chocolate and spices, with a good body and a good aftertaste.

Last, but not for quality, the Juta Bio UTZ blend. Already extensively tested in the espresso version, awarded with the gold medal, today we can also enjoy this fine blend of 100% Arabica with the extraction for moka. In the cup, we obtain a sweet and elegant coffee, with a velvety cream and persistent aromas, with aromas of flowers and fresh fruit that leave room for vanilla and jasmine, and with a marked acidity.