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We close the year with a very important change: our pods are now 100% eco-friendly thanks to the totally recyclable packaging.

The shift towards a more responsible and less impactful offer on the environment began a few years ago. First with the inclusion on our range of coffee beans from organic farming and, later, those certified UTZ, more attentive to sustainability and the rights of farmers.

Then came the fully biodegradable pods and, finally, the capsules compatible with the “Lavazza A Modo Mio” system, which are entirely compostable and disposable directly in the waste separation of organic waste, without having to separate them from the coffee.

At the beginning of 2020 we chose to permanently eliminate plastic cups and stirrers: all the elements of the accessory kit that we offer for vending and vending machines include only compostable cardboard cups and birch wood stirrers, which are compostable too. Those who, such as offices or public places, are obliged to use disposable glasses and spoons can buy them on our shop.

A further step ahead, much more complicated for us, was to eliminate the last non-recyclable wrapping of our “Qualità Oro” and “Qualità Coloniale” pods. Now even the outer envelope that individually wraps our pods, fully preserving their aroma and freshness, is totally made of polypropylene, easily recyclable through separate plastic waste collection.

A complex step because it was not easy to find a package that would allow us to have the same preservation guarantee that the polylaminate can offer with aluminum that we have used so far. For this reason we have dedicated some of our time to follow the technical evolution and waiting for the availability on the market of the right material, in order to make our pods 100% eco-friendly, which for some years have already been fully biodegradable and compostable with the collection of humid waste.

Even the external packaging of the pods, as well as that of the Compostable Caspule, has been conceived eco-friendly. We have eliminated all plastic wrapping by limiting ourselves to the cardboard box, which can be recycled with paper while the capsule is recyclable in organic waste.

And now we are already working to find where to improve in 2021!