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El Salvador Pacamara

salvador La GenoveseIn the small state of El Salvador grows an Arabica on the high volcanic lands. It's handly cleaned and selected, and a light roasting gives to it smell and lightness which make it very appreciated.
Here a special aromatic profile of this coffee: high feelings of fruits and flowers with a tiny taste of citruses. It enhances hazelnut, walnut, almond and distinguished aromas of tea, tobacco and liquorices.

A rich coffee but still discreet, aristocrat and sensual.

Ethiopia Sidamo “Mocca”

etiopia La GenoveseThe Ethiopia's coffee represents the authentic origin of coffee: all Arabica of the world come from the occidental region of Kaffa. The aromatic profile shows a strong feeling of Cocoa together with a very strong smell of flowers and honey followed by a tiny tip of dry fruit (walnut, almond, hazelnut e pistachio nut).

The spicy notes of tea, liquorice, tobacco, rhubarb join the smell of aromatic herbs. It's a coffee that reserve lots of pleasant and unexpected surprises, not last something of animal, which gives it a taste of wild.

Colombia Supremo

colombia La GenoveseThe second producer of Arabica in the world after Brazil, the coffee grows on the Cordi Centrale of Andes. The sensorial profile denote a good freshness and complete coffee.

The tips that characterize its aroma are flowers with shadings of honey and bee wax, cereals, which release toast bread and cookies. Important are also the feelings of spices: pepper, nutmegs, cloves but also tea, liquorices and tobacco.

Brasil – Santos Flor

brasile La GenoveseSantos is the most valuable quality of South America Arabica.

“Flor” corresponds to a long lasting quality.

Well balanced coffee, mid-bodied and fancy sweetness, own a soft density with a marked aftertaste of chocolate and a bit of dry plum, result of the particular and unique micro-environment where this excellent coffee grows.

Kenya – “AA” Washed

kenia La GenoveseThis coffee is well known for its intense smell, for its velvet-like body, for its remarkable but pleasing acidity joined to a yielded and spicy knack typical of the best Arabica of Central African tableland.

This quality of coffee is called “AA” which means that present pretty big beans thanks to a careful selection of them.

Jamaica – Blue Mountain

jamaica La Genovese“Blue Mountain” is the name of a Jamaican region where the sunset is turning light blue and where this coffee is cultivated, considered the most valuable quality in the world.

The very few beans collected are exported in special wood barrels like for the Rum.

And the taste of this liqueur is what we feel while tasting it, blended with other tropical fragrances and savours.
We distinguish vanilla, cocoa, almond, fused butter and also a scent of tobacco.

Of course, the king of coffees.

Guatemala – Antigua

guatemala La GenoveseIn Guatemala, on the volcanic slopes of Antigua, where the history and the culture of Maya is still alive and concrete, the most appreciated and diffuse washed Arabica of the world are cultivated.

It shows a very rich and particular flavour in harmony with a remarkable density and a fine acidity that reminds exotic fruits and tropical flowers.

Its intense fragrance bring us close to pleasant people and lands. A coffee to be tasted with the eyes closed.