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We ask you to help us to improve our sustainability report by completing the following Stakeholder questionnaire.

It is important for us to know your opinion, it helps us to stimulate a constructive discussion and to understand which are the issues of greatest interest in terms of sustainability.

The results of this survey will also allow us to identify the most relevant aspects for planning our sustainability activities in the future.

This survey is anonymous: the recording of the answers provided with the questionnaire does not in any way allow the identification of the respondent.

Do you use one of the services or products offered by La Genovese?*
Which of the following categories do you belong to?*
Tick your age range*

In your opinion, what should be the relevance of the following topics for La Genovese?

Transparency, integrity and correctness, responsibility towards the community
Quality of services and products
Innovation of products and services provided --> Starting from customer needs.
Environmental management --> Monitoring of the main indicators aimed to achieving the objectives of reducing its environmental footprint.
Sustainable management of the supply chain --> Minimizing the environmental impact of its own activities, paying attention to social needs, protecting health and respecting the environment.
Development of skills and training of La Genovese staff --> Development and interdisciplinary professional growth policies for employees.
Health and Safety in the workplace
Corporate welfare and diversity management --> Enhancement of individual potential, culture's and talent's diversity, looking for production models that respect and protect human rights and the well-being of the community.

What do you think should be the level of relevance of environmental issues?

Renewable energies
Energy efficiency
Sustainable mobility
Reduting the emissions into the atmosphere
Reducing packaging
Use of eco-friendly packaging
Increase the use of eco-sustainable coffee

Regarding your knowledge, how do you rate La Genovese's level of commitment/involvement regarding the following aspects?

Attention in managing the expectations of stakeholders (citizens, institutions, suppliers, employees)
Benefit for society and the local community
Consistency with the declared values
Efficiency in the use of resources and attention to innovation
Positive impact on the community
Promotion of environmental policies
On which of the following issues regarding the environment, will La Genovese have to focus more in the coming years? (Possibility of multiple choice)*
On which of the following issues, regarding local community, will La Genovese have to focus more in the coming years? (Possibility of multiple choice)*
In your opinion, is it useful for La Genovese to report information with a view to special eye on sustainable development (e.g., environment, activities towards the local community, governance aspects)?*


* Obligatory answer