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The decision to draw up its own Sustainability Report for La Genovese testifies the company’s commitment to increase its environmental, social, and economic sustainability efforts. The goal is to ensure the satisfaction of all stakeholders over time, protecting their interests, and generating a positive impact on the local community through its actions.

Since 1936, our family has been in the coffee industry. We are deeply rooted and strongly connected to our territory, and we believe that today, sustainability is one of the key values to be pursued for a modern company. We also believe that our business cannot do without considering respect for the environment, for the people, and for the community,” – he says Alessandro Borea, CEO of La Genovese.

With this first Sustainability Report, La Genovese aims to report the company’s commitment in social, environmental, and cultural fields, and the efforts made in recent years to guarantee their customers, consumers, and the environment as well. It is the starting point, the description, and even more importantly, the measurement of the initiatives implemented.

We have decided to monitor our commitment by creating our first Sustainability Report for the year 2022, in order to serve as a boost in our daily actions and work, with a constant focus on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” says Alessandro Borea.
We are aware that the path towards the sustainability can only be achieved through the most accurate measurement of our impact and the pursuit of continuous and constant improvement.

The entrepreneurial strategy of La Genovese is identified through an ideal sustainability plan where new actions aimed at continuous improvement are added every year: from increasing sustainable products to using recyclable and compostable packaging for all its products, to improving the entire production cycle starting from energy efficiency.

The main steps taken so far are evidenced by the constant increase in organic, sustainable coffees from small businesses, including those predominantly owned by women.
The environmental balance shows in 2022 the ongoing transition between classic packaging and recyclable and alu-free flexible packaging, and the installation of the roaster’s innovative green burner. All the energy used comes from renewable sources as well as the gas consumed is CO2 offset.

Sustainable choices have also been made in the new plastic-free CoffeeStorming flagship store, starting with the use of plastic bottles. Finally, the commitment to the youth is tangible through a scholarship dedicated to students of the Giancardi Professional Hotel Institute in Alassio.

For 2023, La Genovese’s commitment will be focused on the development of a Materiality Matrix which will allow us to understand the real expectations of stakeholders regarding our attention to social and environmental sustainability. The training path for human resources and well-being in the workplace will be further developed.


Our commitment for the future is to increase the number of organic references, RFA-certified products, and products sourced from micro companies. We will also continue the conversion of all packaging towards sustainable, recyclable, and compostable packs.

In 2023, we have already launched a micro-roasting project in CoffeeStorming, in order to directly roast all the coffee consumed in the café or sold at retail.

Furthermore, we will implement new verification and control processes for all emissions, with the aim of making them completely measurable. This will enable us to effectively work towards reducing our emissions.


Download the Sustainability Report 2022 – La Genovese.