Three Gold Medals for La Genovese at the “International Coffee Tasting 2016”

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The Espresso blends of La Genovese, for the 5th time in a row, won the Gold Medal, but this year our company brings home three awards.

For the category “Italian Espresso” won the blend “Gran Miscela Anniversario” (already winner in 2012) and “Miscela Oro” (already winner in 2008 and 2010) and, for the first time, in the “Single Dose” category wins the pod “Qualità Oro“.


medaglia-doro-2016-650-1Last 18 and 19 October the International Coffee Tasting 2016 saw the participation of 219 coffees from 19 countries worldwide, more than 100 roasters involved, 32 judges of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters (IIAC) from 9 different countries. The judges were responsible to value the coffees according to the “Sensory Method of IIAC”, which makes a systematic and consolidated use of statistical techniques to validate the results and the winners of gold medals.


This excellence recognition fills us with satisfaction.

We know we are quite good, but when the judgment comes from a panel of experts from all over the world, it is obvious that it has much more value. This award shows that focus on quality is always a winning strategy and gives us the strength to continue to improve our work.

“In its tenth anniversary, the International Coffee Tasting has demonstrated that, through the participation of over 100 coffee roasters around the world, coffee is looking for a new status, very similar to wine – said Luigi Odello, IIAC President – the transition from habitual consumption to careful consumption is occurring through the use of quality origin beans, balanced and accurate roasting, including Espresso, which in developing countries is a highly professional emblem. This will reward Italian Espresso which is a true inspiration worldwide.”

For our company, who just turned 80 years of activity celebrating them with the publication of a book about its history, 2016 was a successful year!