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Our new shop is online where you can buy all our coffees, from espresso blends to single origin, in grains, ground, in capsules, in pods. Only for italian market for the moment.

The shop allows you to easily purchase our products wherever you are, through your smartphone, tablet or PC, and receive them comfortably at home in every region of Italy.


The shop offers the full range of products: family and bar blends, pods and capsules, single origins and the new Organic coffee, UTZ certified.

There are 68 different formulations made available to consumers: from the classic blends that have made the history of La Genovese, qualified for the “Certified Italian Espresso” and awarded by the International Coffee Tasting, proposals either ground or in pods or in capsules for family consumption, either in grains for the HORECA or for coffee lovers. Until the single origin, a prestigious collection of coffees selected from the best Arabica species in the world, available in packs of 250 g of beans or ground coffee and in comfortable single-dose pods.

For the most environmentally conscious consumers, it is possible to buy 100% Arabica bio-blends from organic farming or UTZ certified, to comply with the working conditions of small producers and workers.

Borea Specialty coffee

In Italy, we were among the first to offer a refined assortment of Specialty coffee.

On the shop, you can buy all our specialties, selected from micro plantations coming from nine different countries. A chain monitored by experts who establish a direct comparison with the producers guarantees their quality.

The coffee beans of Borea Specialty selection, always offered in grains, are available in medium roasts for espresso and light roast, for brewed coffee, to enhance the peculiarities and notes that characterize them.

Some coffees, like Mexico and Guatemala, are UTZ certified, others like Burundi and Rwanda are worked by cooperatives and small female businesses. All are collected and selected exclusively by hand.

The shop offers the possibility to all Italian coffee lovers to enjoy them comfortably on the armchair at home.